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The “Wifey” vs. The Wife

January 12, 2013

Choosing the right man is crucial. I refuse to submit to a moron, but I give my full being when a man behaves righteously. If I’m making dinner every night, he’d better be there, on-time, to eat it unless work or a family matter calls. When I commit to a man, I take care of his needs 100%, and I expect the same in return. I don’t wanna’ hear any mumbo jumbo or gobbleygook about how he can’t live up to manhood when I’m fulfilling his needs as a woman. Problem is: most modern men are intimidated when a woman is a good wife. They are afraid that they cannot be good men, so they behave immaturely and sabotage the relationship. I want to reiterate “good wife,” not “dummy” because there are plenty of ratchet trolls out there who’ll accept losers back into their lives over and over. That’s not loyalty; that’s stupidity. Those women usually aren’t made into wives anyway. Those chicks make wonderful “wifeys,” “boos,” “fiancees,” (without rings or with self-purchased rings) and “baby mamas.” They like to think that their men “just won’t commit.” But it’s like the saying goes: Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?


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