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Me: The Movie

January 19, 2013

Someone asked me what 18 songs would be on the soundtrack of my life. Here’s what I came up with:

1. Coltrane “My Favorite Things”
2. Copland “Suite from Billy the Kid”
3. Fitzgerald “Miss Otis Regrets”
4. Holiday “Lover Man”
5. Simone “Four Women”
6. Metallica “Nothing Else Matters”
7. Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under the Bridge”
8. Nirvana “Something in the Way”
9. Mobb Deep “Drink Away the Pain”
10. Eric B. & Rakim “Microphone Fiend”
11. Winans “Stay with Me”
12. Isley Brothers “Voyage to Atlantis”
13. Stevie Wonder “Jesus Children of America”
14. Stevie Wonder “Rocket Love”
15. Wu-Tang “Shame on a Nigga”
16. Raekwon “Rainy Dayz”
17. Blige “Everyday”
18. SOS Band “Tell Me”

In no specific order as compiled


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