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The Ex-Felon and the Tooth Fairy

January 21, 2013

Black’s Law (eight edition)–felon: “a person who has been convicted of a felony.” Only a person whose conviction has been overturned can be considered an “ex-felon.” Too often, I see the quite familiar attempt of many who have been convicted of crimes to shirk their role and culpability in the commission of a crime/crimes. Calling oneself an “ex-felon” basically says, “I refuse to own up to the crimes I’ve committed and to the damage I’ve done to society, including my own family,” usually with the attitude that “The crime(s) weren’t that bad,” or “I’ve served a partial sentence and completed parole, so my debt is repaid.” There’s rarely, if any, serious responsibility taken for the lives that have been either lost or changed by the felon’s behavior; there really is no way to “repay” such a debt. Calling oneself an “ex-felon,” as if the crime is somehow deleted just because the criminal went to jail, is one example of this refusal to accept that the crime one committed cannot be negated and was a permanent decision, on the criminal’s part, to be designated as such. Most are only “sorry” for the fact that they were caught.

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